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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning we are on storm watch for you, a bone chilling morning here in the bay area. we're going to show you the hail and the pounding rain. we're live in san jose, and at this hour, more than a hundred people are standing in line in the cold huddled together. we'll tell you what they are waiting for. 7 navy seals in trouble this morning for information they gave to this video game maker here in the peninsula. what they're accused of doing and how people here are reacting this morning. it's now hours away, president obama gets ready to make the first major speech since his reelection tuesday night ktvu channel 2 news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you. welcome to a brand new day. it's a friday, november 9th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. rosemary orozco is in for steve today. rain done for the day for the
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most part. >> we will leave a few lingering showers and unstable, that means the possibility of thunderstorms. some of us heard the thunderstorms rumbling overhead in the overnight hours. we have seen a break, most of the bay area looking at mostly cloudy skies in parts of the south bay and over the north bay, it is partly cloudy and cold. we're talking just a few degrees in some cases from freezing. 37 in pa. scattered showers -- in napa. scored showers remain in the forecast. i'll have that time line for you coming up. right now on interstate 880. it looks pretty good. rosemary orozco talked about a cell moving through the fremont area. you may see some wet roads and drizzle l in the area. and the morning commute is looking good here on the east shore freeway as you head out to the mcarthur maze. let's go back to dave and pam. it is 6:01.
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but we continue with our storm watch coverage this morning. that's what a lot of people heard overnight, the skies opened up in the middle of the night. these are pictures from oakland, something that you might see driving in tahoe but it's in oakland. the roads iced over after marble sized hail fell over the east bay. a ktvu news photographer took this video of the pounding rain just a few hours ago. chp warns there are slick highways everywhere you look in the bay area. you may run into puddles and should be especially careful heading to work this morning. bad weather is being blamed for a large crash in fremont. the chp says a white saturn spun out, slammed into the median at 2:00 this morning. a silver suv came along and hit the saturn. the driver of the saturn was found outside the car suffering from a massive head injury. he is in critical condition. the chp had to shut down the
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road for two hours and all lanes were reopened at about 4:00 this morning. happening right now, i want to talk to you live to highway 50 and myers. this is what it looks like right at this very moment. it's been snowing on and off the past several hours. highway 50 is a major highway for driving up to south lake tahoe. if you plan to drive in that area either today or this weekend, you'll be required to carry chains. caltrans is also saying that four wheel driving vehicles and snow tires are the only exceptions to that chain requirement. sal and also rosemary will bring you an update on the weather conditions and the road conditions. that's coming up in five minutes. also happening, despite the rain and cold, hundreds of people are out there lined up at the sacred heart service in san jose. they've been out there all night. ktvu's janine de la vega is out there with more on what they're
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waiting for. >> reporter: these people have an hour and a half until the doors open at sacred heart community services. all these people are waiting to register for the holiday give away. they have set up tents and are sleeping on the wet sidewalks. some had chairs and had an umbrella and were just huddled up in the blankets. we were told by a spokesperson from the nonprofit that the first person in line was waiting at 11 yesterday morning and since then the line has grown to 150 people. the main draw for them is to make sure they need to register to receive toys for their children for christmas because there's only a certain amount that sacred heart will be giving away. the nonprofit is alternatives providing holiday food boxings for thanksgiving and christmas for the low income families. >> the challenge there is we have four turkeys in our freezer right now. we hope that everyone has a chance to join in helping these families that are coming here at 11:00 in the morning, the day before waiting through cold
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and rain. it rained all last night, to be able to help out the people that are just struggling in our valley right now. >> reporter: yesterday volunteers unloaded crates o of donated food and as you heard, muff more is needed. -- much more is needed. they expect to provide food boxes for 4000 families and we've been speaking to a lot of people in line, and they're not homeless. they're single parents, grandparents supported their grandchildren. some have been laid off and others are working two jobs and they are struggling because it's expensive to live here in the silicon valley and some of these people are starting to wake up. they are standing in line because they saw the lights turn on inside sacred heart community services. that's because volunteers will be arriving here in the next half hour to start preparing to start registering them for this holiday give away. that registration starts at 7:30 this morning. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:05.
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police many antioch investigating a deadly overnight shooting. a 44-year-old man was shot in front of a home on west 18th 18th street. it happened about 8:30. he manage to take himself to a hospital but he later died. no one has been arrested so far. if you have any information, call the police. in fremont, a warning for parents this morning. police are out there searching for a suspicious man who they say approached a female student. now police say the student from kennedy high school told them during the past month a man has offered her a ride five different times. the latest time this happened on wednesday near briar elementary school. police say the man was last seen in a suburban like suv. it had a roof rack. if you have any information about this, call fremont police. two months of docked pay and letters of reprimand, that's the punishment for navy seals who are accused of disclosing classified information for a popular video game. ktvu's claudine wong is in
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redwood city this morning. has been getting reaction this morning. >> reporter: that's right, we are in front of electric arts here in redwood city. this is the company that makes the video game, medal of honor, war fighter, a game that has being touted as realistic and so realistic that the seven navy seals are in trouble. this is video of that game released just last month. the company said in it's first press release about the game that it was written by tier one operators deployed over seas and allows users to experience the action as it might have unfolded. a tier one operator is commandos involved in sensitive operations and these are members of seal team 6 the commando unit credited with the operation against osama bin laden's compound last year. those seals didn't ask the
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government before they talked and 7 of them have received letters of reprimand and will lose half their pay for two months. admiral gary binneli issued a statement we do not tolerate deviations from the policies that governor who we are in the united states navy and went on to say that the punishments this week "send a clear message throughout our force that we are and will be held to a high standard of accountability ." all seals sign a nondisclosure agreement and if the seals knew the rules they should follow them. >> they're within the right os to punish them to make clear. youyou ultimately our security is the most important thing. we need clear guidelines. >> reporter: the difference is did these guys know they weren't supposed to or did they. >> to me that's the difference. >> reporter: they have of late participated in more than just
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video games. there's a movie coming out but that does come with the navies approval and there's a book out by the navy seal that the pentagon has expressed concerns about. live here in redwood city claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. president obama will address the this morning for the first time since winning reelection. he will speak from the white house at 10:05 our time. coming up at 6:1:00 the message president obama is expected to give congress about how to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. and john boehner will hold his own news conference. that begins at 8:00. he's expected to lay out the republican position on avoiding this fiscal cliff. boehner says he is the most reasonable guy in washington and he believes he can find common ground with the president. they're still counting votes from tuesday's election but mitt romney's top campaign official is saying president
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obama will win florida. president obama leads mitt romney in florida, 49.9% to 49.3%. the romney campaigns says it expects the president's lead to get bilgier as more of the votes are counted. president obama was reelected without florida's 29 electoral college votes. back over to sal who's checking in on the south bay right now. >> that's right and in the southeast bay we've had rain and just some drizzle and we can see it on this picture i'm going to show you, 237 is a little bit wet there and as rosemary had said a cell moved through and you could give yourself extra time. one of the biggest things that gets people in trouble is stopping distance, you're driving along, something happens and you can't stop in time and there's a wreck. just give yourself extra time and slow it down. and also be more aware. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up for about 10 minute delay from the about the middle of the parking lot.
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it is not as bad as it would be on a wednesday, let's say, but still a little bit of a delay here. on the peninsula, 101 looks good if you're driving to the airport perhaps. highway 1 looks busy from half- moon bay to pacific coo. good morning to you, 35 minutes to the official sunrise, the shot showing you brighter sky. partly cloudy to mostly clear over parts o of the bay area with scattered showers remaining over parts of the south bay from alpetus down to san jose. you will find scattered showers remaining 680 as well as 880 through san jose along 101. we're seeing the rainfall. it's light at this moment, looking good in areas of santa clara, you'll find this here, again, a few scattered showers. this is a little exciting here. a rain/snow mix falling over mount hamilton, going to see a dusting going on and we'll have to wait until the sun comes up to see if it sticks. your satellite radar, i want to
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show you this view, see how it drops down and now right over california, so that is going to bring us the clear skies, the sunshine, and thunderstorms mixed in between. so for your friday, possibility is still there. we won't see widespread scattered showers, 45 degrees right now in oakland, 46 in san francisco, but i have to point you to the north bay because it is a chilly start. we are 36 in santa rosa and looking at 30s and feeling those 30s all the way down into nevada this morning. we are looking at afternoon highs well below average for today, upper 50s, low 60s 2349 forecast and it will be a cool weekend. we will start out near freezing in some cases. widespread low to mid-30s in the forecast saturday and sunday. afternoon highs upper 1/5s to low 60s. -- upper 1/5s to low -- 50s to low 60s. back to you. we'll continue to follow the storm this morning, and a lot of people heading up to the
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sierras since it's friday. for the most up to date weather information from storm tracker 2, head to our web site and click on the link at the top of the front a page and get the latest on our mobile and we have to tell you about the gruesome discovery made at a campaign office for mitt romney. new worries over clipper cars, how transit agencies are trying to protect your privacy. and what criminals on two wheels did in a shopping center.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. quite an incredible story. this is in london, a ban of robbers pulled off a daring caper. this is video of the six robbers riding motorcycles inside a shopping center. stunned stoppers were jumping out of the way. the six people armed with axes and baseball bats then got off their bikes and robbed a are jewelry store. london police later found the motorcycles abandoned just a few miles away but there were no signs of the robbers. construction work may have -- construction work may have sparked a large house fire near st. francis wood. it was empty and being
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remodeled at the time. firefighters had trouble putting out the fire because the construction made it dangerous to get inside. neighbors speculate that repairs possibly on the roof may have started that fire. the next door home did have a singed wall because of it and a firefighter was treated for minor injuries. new this morning from southern california, someone dumped a dead pig wrapped up in a mitt romney t-shirt at a republican party campaign office in manhattan beach. police say that dead animal was found early yesterday morning and police say the investigation into this continues. president obama will make his first post election speech from the white house in just a couple of hours right now. as allison burns reports from the washington dc news looks -- news room. allison. >> reporter: dave, president obama and congress still seem miles apart on how to deal with
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those automatic federal spending cuts and tax increases that kick in at the end of next month. but a report yesterday from the congressional budget office shows us just how high the stakes are. if there is no action, the economy would be forced back into a recession next year and unemployment would jump to 9.1% by the fall from 7.9% today. president obama who's been back at the white house for just one full day wants aludel that includes an overhaul of the tax system with tax increases on wealthier americans. house speaker john boehner repeated this week he is not willing to consider any tax increases but he said in an interview yesterday he's the most reasonable person in washington and the president knows it. democrats are hoping president obama will take a hard line during his first post election speech today from the white house but his aides are emphasizing that he's going to talk about how important it is
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to cooperate. reporting live from washington dc. ktvu will carry the president's speech for you this morning live right here on channel 2. again, it's scheduled to begin at 10:05:00 a.m. oakland police are looking for a man who they say tried to kidnap a 14-year-old girl. he tried to pull the girl into a waiting truck on 103rd avenue and international boulevard on monday. she was able to escape and she ran home. the truck is described as a newer model red dodge ram pickup truck. police are looking for another man who was driving the truck but they do not have a sketch of him yet. our time is 6:19. growing priefly concerns this morning -- privacy concerns for commuters who use clipper cars. the metropolitan association is making changes. right now they keep your information for seven years and they are considering reducing
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that length of time. time 6:19 back over to sal looking at traffic. are the roads kind of drying up a bit sal there. >> a little bit and i just got word of an accident in lafayette, just right before we went on the air. we usually have a camera there so i'm going to see if i can get it for you, 24 near central lafayette, word of a new crash but first let's go to the cameras that we have and i want to show you that highway 80 westbound looks pretty good as you drive out to the mcarthur maze. it's a little bit crowded but there are some slow spots for sure as you come through. also at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is backed up at the 880 overcrossing. and if you're driving into livermore, we have some slow traffic. so we have a new crash reported just now on 24 near central lafayette. we'll try and get to the bottom of that and show it to you next time. it's 6:20. let's go to rosemary. it is a wintry start to the
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morning. here comes the sunshine. we have about 25 minutes until the official sunrise. only takes me three times. satellite radar here. take a look. we have partly cloudy to mostly clear skies over parts of the north bay this morning. we are dealing with partly cloudy skies over parts of the central portion of the bay area. into the south bay, a few lingerings showers, we're watching a little bit of rain snow mixture in mount hamilton, getting in closer clara street, continuing with light showers. south white road and there it is along highway 130 continuing with thus throughout the morning hours. it's a cold one out there. 30s over parts of of the north bay and by 10:00 or so, still dealing with 40s and 50s. for the lunch hour most of us will be sitting in the 50s. a few scattered showers will remain and the possibility of a
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thunderstorm or two popping up for your friday into the weekend we're drying out but we are cold. 30s to start the mornings. upper 50s, low 60s for the afternoon. back to you. thank you. the san francisco bay's company tap joy is expanding its each. that's according to the san francisco business times this morning. cap joy makes money by giving video game players access to extra content in they agree to view some ads. it delivers ads to 100 million mobile devices a month and now it wants to make a similar move into online publications and televisions and they report 16 fay area start ups focused on helping elementary and high school students who have received funding this year. it says the future of education may depend on apps that hook students up with the best schools or to find a tutor or help them reach the goal. and also in the mix, online classes that may offer college credits. boy, san francisco's new
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archbishop sparking a new controversy, his post election comments about same sex marriage and how it has caused some angry reactions. it's foggy on highway 24 but we're trying to peer through the fog. word of a new crash reported nearby and we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time 6:25, there is speculation that new marijuana laws could boost tourism in colorado and washington. voters passed measures legalizing the recreation enamel use of marijuana and some advocates say those laws could prompt more pot smokers to visit the states. there are questions about the measure, though, the federal government is reviewing whether or not they're legal. time is 6:25. san francisco's newly appointed catholic archbishop has triggered new controversy in the lesbian, gay, transgender community. he criticized the recent election victories for same sex marriage in maine, maryland, minnesota and washington state. now in a statement he said and i'm quoting november 6th was a disappointing day for marriage. he also said and i'm quoting, marriage needs to be strengthened promoted and defended, not redefined.
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now state assemblyman, tom who happens to be gay and says he's disappointed with the comments. it is 6:26. i want to go back to sal and check in on traffic. westbound 24 we talked about it a few moments ago. there is a new crash on the shoulder, 24 westbound at central lafayette and the traffic is not that badly affected. the camera is a little too foggy to see what's going on there, but there could be slow traffic if people slow down to look at what's on the right shoulder, and traffic is moderately heavy to san jose. the showers have tapered off but with the clearing we have frigid temperatures and fog developing in some places. the sate lite radar showing the center of the storm moving over us. that will continue the possibility of scattered showers. you can see in the afternoon doesn't look like a whole lot but it will leave the door open for the possibility of
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thunderstorms and again, a few light showers before this finally tapers off and moves through. i'll have a look at your weekend in view coming up. tough luck on treasure island, why the powers that be say it will take years to fix the power problems out there. life in fremont where a man is fighting for his life after a serious crash on a freeway. we'll tell you how weather played a role. and the numbers are headed down again. we're going to take you live at the opening next and the reasons why.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel morning 2 news, the opening bell live in new york, on the new york stock exchange is rawlings sporting goods. they are highlighting the gold glove recipient award.
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looks like a down day on wall street. hopefully not as much as yesterday and the day before. a lot of concern about the global economy. many european markets are down. and we'll have all the business news coming up. we'll go ahead and smile. good morning to you, thank you for joining us. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. in the news, our storm watch continues for you right now. bad weather caused a lot of accidents last night including this one. it happened at the maraga a avenue exit at 1:00. that truck ended up on its roof. we're told the driver was not seriously hurt. the dangerous slick conditions out there caused a big accident earlier this morning in fremont. in fact, it blocked traffic for hours and one man was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. ktvu's tara moriarty is out there along interstate 880 now.
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we know the roads open again but how are things now tara. >> reporter: the good news is it's not raining anymore. at 2:00 in the morning it was coming down and that was creating treacherous driving conditions at the mission boulevard exit and officials say that played a role in this crash. traffic is back to normal. the traffic was backed up, though, at 2:00 this morning. the chp says that it appears a person driving a white sedan had a spin out and slammed into the median. then the driver of a silver suv smashed entolase dan. dan-- into the sedan. the driver o. sedan was found outside his car but we're not sure if he was ejected or tried to get out of the car after the crash. he suffered a massive head injury and is reportedly in critical condition. the chp issued a sig alert and had most of the lanes closed down for abouts to -- about two
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hours and they ran traffic breaks and you want to take your time anywhere you're going throughout the bay area because the roadways are still slick throughout and give yourself extra time to get where you need to go. live from fremont, i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. since it's friday, a lot of people may be heading to tahoe. the bad weather causing some problems in san francisco as well. it's believed that lightning may have knocked out three separate transformers off 24th street. that's near hoffman, fountain and grand view. pg&e reports customers are still without power: back to the sierra, if you are heading to reno or tahoe this weekend, bring your chains. the snow is falling in the mountains. chain controls are in effect on interstate 80 about 20 miles east of colfax and on highway 50 in el dorado county.
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boreal says they may be able to open their runs by tomorrow. let's go to sal right now. you're watching 237 and everything else. >> that's right. we're starting there because we have slow traffic as you drive through on 237. a lot of slow traffic and a little bit wet weather from some of the bands that moved through here. you should give yourself extra time in this part of the bay. you might be using windshield wipers there. never the less, this is where you need more time. the traffic is backed up to the 880 overcrossing, not to the toot of the -- foot of the mcarthur maze yet. 680 southbound is getting busy from concord to rose creek. the center of the storm is moving over the area. that's bringing us a combination of weather out there. take a look at that beautiful
6:35 am
view there. plenty of gray and puffy clouds. we are talking the possibility of thunderstorms still in the forecast for the afternoon. again, this is going to be the call of the day. so parts of the north bay dealing with partly cloudy, mostly clear skies and cold conditions. when we have the clearing, any heat at the surface headed back into space. meanwhile along the south bay, we are looking at scattered showers and it is pushing off to the south and east, getting in just a little bit closer, san jose has dried out in the last 15 minutes so but we continue to see scattered showers. over the sierra we're talking about the winter weather advisory until about 10:00 this morning. if you're headed to tahoe, it's to 4:00 this afternoon. snow levels down to 2500 feet in some cases. in this forecast for today, showers in the forecast, the possibility of maybe a thunderstorm. the cooling will continue. afternoon highs will be cooler than what we felt yesterday.
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this morning we're several degrees cooler than we started yesterday and for the weekend we're looking at cold, cold mornings. and take a look at the temperatures outside your door. 36 in santa rosa. 36 in napa. upper 40s around the bay. upper 60s and low 60s in the forecast for your afternoon and the extended forecast with your weekend in view shows you just what i'm talking about, slipping back to the low e to mid-30s. and another round of rain on tuesday. time 6:36. so far no weather related problems delays flights at sfo. sfo officials are expecting better smoother sailing today. yesterday there were some cancellations because of that nor'easter on the east coast compared to about 30 cancellations on wednesday. on the east coast gasoline is being rationed in new york
6:37 am
city. mayor michael bloomberg ordered rationing trying to shorten lines in parts of long island hit by the winter storm after the superstorm sandy. cars with even numbered license plates can fill up onnd numbered days. odd numbers or vanity plates go on odd days. in the meantime they still have problems with power being out. >> they told us it was going to be maybe thanksgiving. you know, so, yes, it's very rough. >> the governor of new york andrew cuomo says power companies are working too slow. he wants them investigated. utility companies are saying 658,000 customers all along the northeast don't have electricity and as you can see it's very cold back there. here until the bay area, people living near and on treasure island dealing with power outages, some of them are
6:38 am
fed up. as ktvu brian flores tells us, these power problems are going to be around probably for years. brian. >> yeah, that's right, pam i have to say that it's very frustrating for these residents here in treasure island dealing with the cold temperatures and power outages. they're doing the best they can. look behind me. these are the aged power lines here on the island. it has to deal with a lot of issues here. you have to deal with the sea water, the salt water, you have to deal with the birds as well. when we got to the island, the island was pretty much pitch black. the only lights we found is san francisco fire department station 48 and they say they have back up generators to keep up with electricity that goes out adds well. as we -- as well. there was a report filed with the public utilities commission that says that the power here goes out at least once a week four hours at a time. the report says that power has gone out at least 42 times this year alone between both
6:39 am
locations. the problem is analling power lines as we lines -- aging power lines as we mentioned. they say they are trying the best they can to keep up with demand but it is a tedious process and could take years before that happens and the island is formally turned over to the city and developed. it does not bode well for the 2400 residents and businesses that live here. also they say they have generators as well to keep up with electricity outages, definitely very frustrating out hire. we're live in treasure island, i'm brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. police are trying to find out what led to the death of a man during the world series celebration. he told his roommate he was attacked but police say he could have been hurt because of his own doing. breaking news coming in from stockholm sweden, a man reportedly has been shot and killed inside the home of the
6:40 am
swedish prime minister. the spokesperson says the prime minister was not there at the time. the spokesperson said the man had full access to the prime ministers' home. there was not a body guard or any employees of the government there. this is breaking news from sweden. we'll bring you more details as the information comes in. in other news, two bay area high technology representatives are reportedly being considered for replacements for the press secretary in the president's cabinet. eric smith and facebook chief operating officer cheryl sandberg are both on the list of possibles for the new treasury secretary. president obama appointed schmidt to his counsel of advisors on technology, and sandberg served as chief of staff of the treasury department and she would become
6:41 am
the first female treasury, if elected. the controversial health program coming to the bay area. it's called e medal of honor. it's a video game made by a redwood city company and it's caused lots of controversy. we'll tell you about the navy seals who helped create it. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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good morning to you and happy friday, cold unsettled weather outside our doors this morning and some of us have sunk to near freezing. i'll have a look at your temperatures coming up. welcome back, good morning to you, here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now. it's 6:43. that's real. that's freezing rain and we have hail overnight causing traffic problems on bay area roads. there were several accidents just hours ago including this big crash in fremont. a car spun out, slammed into a median on interstate 880, then an suv crashed into the first car. the driver of that car was rushed to the hospital listed in critical condition. also we're taking a live look at san jose. this is what's happening as we're speaking now in less an
6:45 am
hour from right now, all of these people who camped out overnight will be able to register for free holiday food boxes as well as christmas toys at the sacred heart community service in san jose. organizers expect more than 4000 people to show up. the doors will open the at 7:30. and later this morning president obama will make his first speech to the nation since being reelected he'll do that at 10:30678930 -- 10:30 this morning. a video game that promises an authentic war experience may be a little too reel for u.s. military officials. ktvu's claudine wong is in redwood city this morning with a story of navy seals who are accused of leaking secret information to electronic arts. >> reporter: those 7 navy seals are facing punishments and people we've talked to this morning out here in redwood
6:46 am
city for the most part they think those seals should probably have stayed quiet and not helped electronic arts create this video game which is called medal of honor, war fighter this is video o of -- of that game. it was released last month and they marketed the game saying it was written by tier one operators while they were deployed over seas and allows the users to see the action as it unfolded. the tier one operator is useed to describe commandos in sensitive operations. the secretive commando unit credited with the operation against osama bin laden's compound last year. because the seals didn't ask the government before they talked and showed ea specially designed equipment related to their unit.
6:47 am
they are having half their pay docked for two months. admiral gary, says we do not tolerate excessivuations. the punishment this week, sent a clear message throughout our force that we are and will be held to a standard -- high standard of accountability. the punishments are expected to have long-term impacts on the careers of the seals. the one man we talked to says he doesn't think the seals should be talking about anything related to their commission. >> if you're a navy seal and you are in that training, you have sold yourself out and the navy seattle way of life, just who they are as a person. >> reporter: you don't think they should be talking to anyone about what they're doing. >> not at all. i think you sold your brothers out. that's something you need to keep inside especially giving it to a major corporation.
6:48 am
i'm sorry. >> reporter: the punishments over this game come in the midst of other classified controversies over the bin laden operation. even the white house was accused o -- of improperly releasing information about the raid. and violated a nondisclosure agreement. there is a movie coming about that bin laden operation. the big difference with that movie however is the government gave its blessing for that. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. chris stevens the late u.s. ambassador to libya was honored last night in the nation's capitol. secretary of state hillary clinton delivered the remarks. >> chris stevens was an inspiration to all who served with him and knew him during his life. >> stevens earned the common ground award for conflict resolution, negotiation and peace building, his sister ann accepted the award on his
6:49 am
behalf. stevens who grew up here in the bay area was killed along with three other americans in a terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi on september 11th. san francisco police asking questions about how a man was fatally hurt during the giants world series celebration. sean mofette told his roommate he was attacked but police say it's also possible mofette may have been one of the people doing somersaults onto mattresses on hay street and may have hurt himself. police say mofette refused medical help. his roommate says that doesn't make sense. >> he came in. he looked like he had been in some kind of fight. he looked disheveled and looked like there was a bruise or swelling on the cheek or brow and he said five guys are jumped him. >> police are investigating his death as suspicious. if you have any information about this call san francisco police. the universal health care program is being expanded to
6:50 am
include sex change surgery. the goal is to help transgendered people who are uninsured and in crisis about their gender identity. the new program would cover the cost of reassignment surgery if it's millionly necessary. the transget -- medically necessary. the transgender health nfl should be in place late next year. getting closer to 7:00, could be getting busier on the roads, let's check with sal. it is busier now and we're looking at the commutes, this is the toll plaza. it's not as bad as it was the last few days. no trouble getting on into san francisco. let's take a live look at san francisco for you now. northbound 101 looks pretty good to the 280 interchange. and if you're not east bay southbound 880 is a little slow. westbound 580 is having a better day.
6:51 am
6:50 let's go to rosemary. there's a sun getting an applaud from dave clark. and the official sunrise 5 minutes ago, a beautiful start. some of us waking up with mostly sunny skies and if you are waking up mostly clear, chances are you are awfully cloud. slipping back into the 30s in some places. we continue to track a few scattered showers popping up and moving south of san jose, santa cruz perhaps picking up a few scattered showers here. all in all, most of us are mainly dry. you may find a few sprinkles over highway 101 as you get out the door at this hour. your rainfall accumulation over the last 24 hours, not a lot in many spots, .22 in san francisco so almost a imparter of an -- a quarter of an inch. showers will remain in the forecast, even a possibility of a thunderstorm as we progress through the afternoon. sun and clouds will be mixed
6:52 am
within that as well. and the afternoon highs well below average for this time of year, of course for some at this hour, the big story is just how cold it is. santa rosa, 36 degrees right now. napa 37. navado getting outside, it's a chilly start. some of the coldest numbers so far this season. most of the bay area dealing with with low to upper 40s. afternoon highs cool as well. upper 50s in oakland today. san francisco 57 for you. 60 degrees for mountain view. upper 50s, low 60s in the forecast for the north bay. the extended forecast, drying out later tonight with a little bit of residual moisture as we start saturday morning but the big story will be how chilly the mornings are for your weekend. widespread 30s in the forecast. monday slightly warmer, another chance for rain moves in on tuesday. back to you. well, it could be a rough holiday season for the video game season if the latest sales numbers are any kind of
6:53 am
indicator. they totaled $755 million last month. that's a decline of 25 personality. analysts think the numbers could improve this month as several highly anticipated games including halo 4 and call of duty, black ops 2 are released. it's knows thanksgiving but the postal servicements you to think about your holidays letters and december 22nd december 22nd app the last day to send express mail. plan to mail your items before those dates to avoid the biggest crowds. i've been tweeting, a lot of people talking about the christmas cards,. time 6:53 r5 -- for surfers today, the waiting game for one of the biggest contests of its kind. relief is coming for people who drive in the south bay, the
6:54 am
upgrades for one of the area's busiest roads.
6:55 am
♪ [female narrator even if you're not planning on getting pregnant now, you should know that foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. a live look at the big board, not as bad as the earlier numbers indicated. dough jones down about 24 points. jc penny misses industrial struggling.
6:57 am
groupon down about 20%. zip car good quarterly results. in just a couple hours, a ceremony that many south bay drivers will watch but you'll have to wait a couple years before seeing the improvements the the ground breaking ceremony set for 10 to improve the 280/880 interchange. they are going to work on the stevens creek boulevard overpass and add another route into valley fair from 880. there will be a flyover rach connecting 885280. it's a 6 d -- connecting 880 to 280. the window for the maverick surf contest opens today. the big wave competition gives contestants 24 hours notice to arrive in half-moon bay to surf some of the world's largest waves. the contest has not been held for the past two years because the big waves never materialized. the waiting period goes through march 31st. more time with sal, what are you seeing. we're looking at traffic
6:58 am
that's getting busier to the peak of the morning commute. it's a little bit busier on the 8 880 ramp as with well. and traffic on 880 is getting a little bit slower on the southbound direction. let's go torosemary. showers in the forecast for friday. good morning to you. partly cloudy skies, mostly score some cases and cool. cooling will continue in the afternoon into the 50s and 60s. and for your weekend, the cold start to the mornings. i'll take a look the at your current conditions. i have a radar ready to go coming up. definitely feels colder out there this morning. coming up next, we're going to continue on our storm watch coverage, the wet weather definitely creating dangerous driving conditions. plus why dozens of people in the south bay are camped out in this chilly weather. stay right here with us.
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